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Magazine Subscription

Dear Readers omush,

I am B'ezras Hashem offering subscription availability for Down Syndrome Amongst Us, in addition to the magazines being sold in the Judaica stores worldwide.

The way it works is as follows: Each subscription purchase covers 3 issues. Therefore I am not naming it "annual subscription." We are not committed to a certain number of issues per year, but rather to 3 issues per subscription. The subscription cost is only $21.00 in the U.S. and must be prepaid either via check or money. Paypal options are coming soon IY"H.

Subscriptions to be mailed outside the U.S. are $24.00 (U.S. Dollars) per subscription, considering postage fees.

Please click here for our subscription form in PDF format.

Please mail the form with your payment to:
DSAU, Inc.
32 Rutledge Street,
NY 11211

Subscription to Down Syndrome Amongst Us make excellent gifts.