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Looking at life with Downs from another angle.

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What's In A Name? by Sarah Sander (no comments yet)
Moishey is our second child. (read more...)

We Give The Love We Got (no comments yet)
I was expecting my sixth child and my family, especially the children, were very excited. (read more...)

Two Families by Dr. Stephen Glicksman (no comments yet)
I met two families today. (read more...)

To All Special Mothers by Rana Hershkowitz (no comments yet)
Years ago, when my child was first diagnosed, I had a friend who ran a `shmiras haloshon` group and also had a special child. (read more...)

Thoughts by Chaya Tavin (no comments yet)
I have a niggling question in the back of my mind. What if he isn’t one of these high functioning wonder DS kids? What if he doesn’t learn to play three instruments? What if he can’t be mainstreamed or hold down a regular job, or learn all of Tanach... (read more...)

The Way It Used To Be (no comments yet)
I used to pass the child in the street (read more...)

The Rose and The Thorn (no comments yet)
A certain man planted a rose and watered it faithfully, and before it blossomed, he examined it. (read more...)

Surprise by Perel Levy, Yerushalayim, Israel (no comments yet)
Any first-born child causes an upheaval in the house. There are many changes to get used to. A special child caused an especially big upheaval. (read more...)

Special Education for Special Children by Suzanne Kushner - England (no comments yet)
Chiddushei Harim teaches that the Almighty has many treasure chests in Heaven, all filled with an ample supply of every type of Beracho. (read more...)

Raising Yehuda by Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith (no comments yet)
A father's thoughts on his new baby boy (read more...)

Please Hashem, Can We Have Some More? by Andi Tanzer (no comments yet)
First, 'Yasher Koach' on the beautiful, encouraging, positive publication "Down Syndrome Amongst Us". (read more...)

Letter From The Rebbe (no comments yet)
The following is a letter written by the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt’l to the director of an organization dealing with mentally retarded citizens. (read more...)

Inclusion vs. Self-Contained, Why Does it Sound Like a Grudge Match? by Kim Orlando (no comments yet)
(read more...)

Holland - Before and After by T.G. - London, England (no comments yet)
Before I came to Holland (read more...)

Hey Dads!!! Some Thoughts on Men and Grief by Ian John (1 comment)
Contrary to popular belief, it's OK for men to cry. Don't feel you're a failure as a Dad if you do. (read more...)

Hashgacha Pratis: My Own Experience (no comments yet)
It was the winter of ‘88-’89 and my sister and I were expecting babies. The excitement was tremendous; both our previous "babies" were well over 3 years old. (read more...)

Greeting From Miami Beach (no comments yet)
Originally, our reason for taking this trip was a severe lingering cough that was racking my body for over two months. It was also a good opportunity to get away from it all. Yes, I am very honest. (read more...)

Don't Let Me Fall by Shifra Bar Memel (no comments yet)
Two hours ago I delivered a beautiful baby girl with Down syndrome. When she came out, she seemed normal to me. I asked, Is she normal? (read more...)

Chicken Pox Are Normal by Chaya Tavin (no comments yet)
It wasn't much of a surprise. His older brother had gotten over his chicken pox the week before. (read more...)

An Empty Chair by Anne Silber (no comments yet)
In 1933, when I was born and placed for adoption, the system had no regard for the fact that I had a Jewish mother. (read more...)

A Jewish View of Disability by As told to Barbara Bensoussan by Michael Levy (no comments yet)
How does the Torah see disability, and is it an impairment? Michael Levy argues that it's not. (read more...)