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Some of the issues surrounding children with Down syndrome are controversial, and we have some articles intended to encourage discussion and thought on the issues.

Articles in this section

Retarded vs. Crazy by Sarah M. Sander (no comments yet)
Do you know the difference? (read more...)

Responses to the Editor's Message in Issue 4 (no comments yet)
Responses to the Editor's Message in Issue 4 (read more...)

Inclusion: Still Smouldering by Linda Wagschal (no comments yet)
Dear Sarah (read more...)

Inclusion by Sarah Sander (no comments yet)
I recently met a long-time acquaintance from our circle of “Down syndrome friends.” (read more...)

Inclusion by Ruth Plotnick (no comments yet)
n order to realistically discuss the pros and cons of total inclusion, several points must be considered. (read more...)

Inclusion (no comments yet)
Our key question as we initiate a new millennium is "How do we live with one another?" (read more...)