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Encounter on the B-11 by Eva Rosman
It should have been an ordinary bus ride on an ordinary day. (read more...)

My Special Uncle, Sheldon Goldstein by Elana Horwitz (Raanana, Israel)
My uncle, Sheldon Goldstein (Shmuel Leib ben Nosson v'Esther), was niftar on 26 Cheshvan, at the age of 66. Uncle Sheldon had Down syndrome. In his lifetime, he managed to learn to care for himself, and care for others. He learned to travel, read and vote. He volunteered in the community and made many friends. We will always love him. (read more...)

The Ten Commandments For Parents of Children with Special Needs by Unknown
Ten things all parents of children with special needs should remember (read more...)

Chanina by Chaya Tavin
Memories of a pure neshoma (read more...)

My Brother, The Metaphor by Yitty Sander
A poem about Moishey Sander from his sister (read more...)

Ezra Turns One by T.R.
A birthday poem for Ezra (read more...)

Yeshiva Bonim Lamokom by Sarah Sander
Yeshiva Bonim Lamokom - a special yeshiva for special people (read more...)

After the Simcha by Chaya Tavin
Sheva brochos with Binyomin Dovid (read more...)

Larger Than Life – A Tribute to Rabbi Moshe Kuessous z’l by Esther Kuessous Delouya
A daughter remembers (read more...)

Passed Over by Sarah Sander
What happens when the Special Child is skipped? (read more...)