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Poems related to your thoughts and feelings of your special child.

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God's Boxes
A poem (read more...)

When We Wondered...
Written by the mother of a Bar Mitzvah boy with Down syndrome and sent along with the simcha invitations (read more...)

When We Wondered II by E.M. - an inspired uncle
A poem written by the uncle of a barmitzva boy with Down Syndrome (read more...)

When We Wondered III - Special Nachas by T.M. - mother of the bar mitzva boy
A moving and inspiring poem by the mother of a bar mitzva boy with Down Syndrome (read more...)

Thirty Moons' Mystery
(read more...)

IEPs According to Dr. Seuss
(read more...)

A Meaning Beyond by Dubbie Simon
(read more...)

Smiles of an Angel by Deborah French
(read more...)

Two Words by Cheryl Ward
Your birth brought us closer (read more...)

Poem by Anon
A multitude of flowers grew in the earth's garden (read more...)

G-d's Measurements
When G-d measures our worth-it's said, (read more...)

A Special Specialty by Anon
A normal child is normal (read more...)

Our Special Vitamin by Anon
It was such a bitter pill (read more...)

Thank Hashem by Anon
When a child comprehends whatever you're saying (read more...)

Purim Poem by Eliezer's Mommy
Purim is a time of joyous commemoration, (read more...)

The Pain of Rejection by Anon
A sleepless night, my eyes are sore (read more...)

Declaration of Imperfection
I am not perfect (read more...)

Special poetry - A Feeble Cry by Esti Levitansky Rokowsky
A feeble cry shatters the still air (read more...)

A Home - My Home by Shevy Spitz
A home is a house (read more...)

Unique, Yet Special by Anon
Some of you may stare (read more...)

Life is a roller coaster by Anon
A poem (read more...)

A Line Across His Hand by Deborah L. Sardone
A line makes a difference (read more...)

Out of Line by Anon
A poem (read more...)