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Reflections and thoughts from grandparents of people with Down syndrome.

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Zeidy Gluck z’l by Sarah Sander
How does one write about a Tati/Zeidy whose first yahrtzeit is approaching? How do we stop the flow of tears and ease the crushing pain in our hearts? How does one gain comfort and solace by the beauty of the memories Zeidy Gluck created during his lifetime and especially so during his grandparenting years? (read more...)

Professional grandmother
Some thoughts from a "professional grandmother" (read more...)

Bubby Gluck a"h by Sarah Sander
Once upon a time in the city of New York, there were 'three' Twin Towers. (read more...)

My Daughter, My Teacher
An ordinary Monday. My daughter's due date was imminent. (read more...)

A long journey by Chana Myerson
For years, my in-laws (not yet frum) had been warning us (read more...)

Grandparents' Page
Let me introduce myself. I am a "Bubby" (read more...)

Diary of 43 years of prayer by The Jewish Observer
My father, Rabbi Shimon Schwab, left a daily diary spanning the last 43 years of his life (read more...)

Diary of Forty-Three Years of Prayer by Reyna Hisiger
Dear Sarah Sander (read more...)

Zeidy Sander, a”h by Sarah Sander
Memories of Zeidy Sander (read more...)