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A plea to the principle by Jodi
A mother pleads the case for her daughter to be accepted in school (read more...)

Dealing with Others by Chana R. Meyerson
Here are some common situations we face, and possible causes and/or reactions: (read more...)

Is Raising A Down Syndrome Child a Chesed Shel Emes?
One of our most beautiful mitzvos is burying the dead, This mitzva is called a 'chesed shel emes' because it is a merit that can never be repaid by the recipient of this act. (read more...)

How to Respond to Those Hurtful Comments & Questions
How to Respond to Those Hurtful Comments & Questions (read more...)

Transition: How Much Pain?
Dear Mrs. Sander (read more...)

I Wonder Why by Sarah Sander
I wonder why… Nobody would be so coarse To tell a feuding couple to divorce. (read more...)

Different Situations by Hindy Feldman
Dear Sarah Sander: I enjoyed your latest magazine very much, especially the picture of your Bar Mitzvah son. (read more...)

My Children Have Learned by Miriam Rabinowitz
When our son Shlomo was born, our other children were too young to understand the implications of being a sibling of a child with Down syndrome. (read more...)

Let's Get Real by Sarah Sander
When an ultrasound during my fifth month of pregnancy indicated that I was carrying a healthy baby girl, I was ecstatic. (read more...)

Tehilla by Mrs. Elky Siegfried
Our daughter Tehilla was born on December 1, 1993. (read more...)

They'll take them by R.N.-Yerushalayim
If I were to know two years ago what lay in the future - I surely would not have believed it myself. (read more...)

Mothers Speak: Physicians Often Fall Short When Delivering a Down Syndrome Diagnosis
A survey of mothers in the January issue of Pediatrics found that physicians remain overwhelmingly negative in communicating a diagnosis of Down syndrome in newborn infants. Mothers offer ten specific recommendations for improvement. (read more...)

Who Are You Calling Stupid? by Alexandra K
Thoughts on commonly used, if ill contemplated expressions (read more...)

On the Lighter Side by Eliezer’s Mommy
Purim Poem (read more...)

What Would You Do? by Ashley Schroeder
What would you have said to this comment? (read more...)