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Zeidy Gluck z’l by Sarah Sander (2 comments)
How does one write about a Tati/Zeidy whose first yahrtzeit is approaching? How do we stop the flow of tears and ease the crushing pain in our hearts? How does one gain comfort and solace by the beauty of the memories Zeidy Gluck created during his lifetime and especially so during his grandparenting years? (read more...)

Yiddish and English, can she cope with both? by Rivky Schnitzler (no comments yet)
How well can a child with Down syndrome cope with speaking two languages? (read more...)

Yeshiva Bonim Lamokom Day Habilitation (YBLDH) by Mindy Schlafrig (no comments yet)
Interview with Rabbi Zev Horowitz, Program Director of Yeshiva Bonim Lamokom Day Habilitation (YBLDH) (read more...)

Who Are You Calling Stupid? by Alexandra K (1 comment)
Thoughts on commonly used, if ill contemplated expressions (read more...)

When We Wondered... (no comments yet)
Written by the mother of a Bar Mitzvah boy with Down syndrome and sent along with the simcha invitations (read more...)

When We Wondered III - Special Nachas by T.M. - mother of the bar mitzva boy (no comments yet)
A moving and inspiring poem by the mother of a bar mitzva boy with Down Syndrome (read more...)

When We Wondered II by E.M. - an inspired uncle (no comments yet)
A poem written by the uncle of a barmitzva boy with Down Syndrome (read more...)

When Things Don't Turn Out The Way You'd Wish Them (no comments yet)
Eliyahu HaNavi and Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi stopped to spend the night (read more...)

What's In A Name? by Sarah Sander (no comments yet)
Moishey is our second child. (read more...)

We've Joined the Family by Todd Miller (no comments yet)
Dear Editor: Subject: “We've Joined the Family” (read more...)