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Issue 9 - 2000

Articles in this issue

When Things Don't Turn Out The Way You'd Wish Them (no comments yet)
Eliyahu HaNavi and Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi stopped to spend the night (read more...)

Up Syndrome (no comments yet)

God's Boxes (no comments yet)
A poem (read more...)

For Our Information by Juby Shapiro, President & Director of TAFKID (no comments yet)
In preparation for the numerous children aging out of preschool and into school age programs and for those school age children who will be transitioning to another placement this year, in this issue we will explore tips on what to look for when visiting a school placement and how to accept or reject a school placement. (read more...)

Down Syndrome / Cancer Link Studied (no comments yet)
While people with Down syndrome have a high chance of developing childhood leukemia, a new study shows they have only half the normal lifetime risk of getting other kinds of cancer. (read more...)

Diary of 43 years of prayer by The Jewish Observer (no comments yet)
My father, Rabbi Shimon Schwab, left a daily diary spanning the last 43 years of his life (read more...)

Declaration of Imperfection (no comments yet)
I am not perfect (read more...)

Ask the Professional (no comments yet)
Dear Etty: This might sound like a silly question, but what does 'hypotonia' mean. (read more...)

A Different Seder by Yaffa Leba Gottlieb (no comments yet)
When Mommy brought our little sister Mindy home, we all knew she was special. (read more...)