Issue #8 - 1999

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Grandparents' Page
Let me introduce myself. I am a "Bubby"


Special Education for Special Children by Suzanne Kushner - England
Chiddushei Harim teaches that the Almighty has many treasure chests in Heaven, all filled with an ample supply of every type of Beracho.

Two Families by Dr. Stephen Glicksman
I met two families today.

An Empty Chair by Anne Silber
In 1933, when I was born and placed for adoption, the system had no regard for the fact that I had a Jewish mother.

Poetic License

Poem by Anon
A multitude of flowers grew in the earth's garden

The Pain of Rejection by Anon
A sleepless night, my eyes are sore

Did You Know?

Atlanto-axial Instability by Center for Mental Retardation Magazine
Atlanto-axial instability (AAI) is a condition that affects approximately 15% of people with Down Syndrome.

For Our Information by Juby Shapiro and Miryam Rabinowitz of TAFKID
With annual reviews coming up and children transitioning from preschool to school age there is no doubt that every one of us can compile our own exhaustive list of questions about how to deal with the Board of Education.

The Heart and Children with Down Syndrome by Dr. Dan Schneider
Congenital heart disease (the presence of a structural heart defect at birth) occurs in 40 - 50% of children with Down syndrome and cardiac abnormalities are probably the most common malformations seen in trisomy 21.


Our key question as we initiate a new millennium is "How do we live with one another?"