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Issue 7 - 1999

Articles in this issue

Up Syndrome (no comments yet)
EX-ACTLY!!! (read more...)

Two Words by Cheryl Ward (no comments yet)
Your birth brought us closer (read more...)

Speech, Language, Communication and Down Syndrome by Wee Speech P.C. (no comments yet)
The ability to communicate is a learned process that begins at birth (read more...)

Questions and Answers on Speech Development by Dr. Libby Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (no comments yet)
Q. My 4-year-old son who has Down syndrome (read more...)

Letters by T.M. (no comments yet)
(read more...)

Letter (no comments yet)
(read more...)

Letter by Helen Gottesman (no comments yet)
(read more...)

Don't Let Me Fall by Shifra Bar Memel (no comments yet)
Two hours ago I delivered a beautiful baby girl with Down syndrome. When she came out, she seemed normal to me. I asked, Is she normal? (read more...)

Disabilities - Challenges and Hidden Giftedness by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. and Ursula Schwartz, Ph.D. (no comments yet)
By giving us children to raise, G-d has entrusted us with a unique gift. (read more...)

A long journey by Chana Myerson (no comments yet)
For years, my in-laws (not yet frum) had been warning us (read more...)

101 Ways to Help The Child Learn to Talk (no comments yet)
Compilation of tips, ideas and approaches suggested and utilized by a group of speech and language professionals. (read more...)