Issue #5 - 1997

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We've Joined the Family by Todd Miller
Dear Editor: Subject: “We've Joined the Family”


We Give The Love We Got
I was expecting my sixth child and my family, especially the children, were very excited.


Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI)
Down syndrome was first described in 1866 by John Langdon Down

The Remedy by Sarah Sander
DANGER! Moishey was in bed, ready for a good's night sleep,

Light & Sound Therapy by Sarah Sander
Your child has been diagnosed as severely brain damaged.

Poetic License

Purim Poem by Eliezer's Mommy
Purim is a time of joyous commemoration,

Up Syndrome

Up Syndrome Issue 5


Responses to the Editor's Message in Issue 4
Responses to the Editor's Message in Issue 4

General Articles

Magic Moment Weekend Retreat by Todd Miller
Dear Editor


On the Lighter Side by Eliezer’s Mommy
Purim Poem

Teens & Siblings

My Brother Shaya
One of the biggest challenges in my life is dealing with my brother