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Issue 4 - 1997

Articles in this issue

Surprise by Perel Levy, Yerushalayim, Israel (no comments yet)
Any first-born child causes an upheaval in the house. There are many changes to get used to. A special child caused an especially big upheaval. (read more...)

Reflection on Kol Hamekayem Nefesh Achas Me'Yisroel by Professor Yaakov Rand (no comments yet)
The Greek philosopher Aristotle was among the first to formulate laws of mental processes. (read more...)

Editorial Message by Sarah M. Sander (no comments yet)
I'm still chuckling over this morning's breakfast episode (read more...)

Dealing with Others by Chana R. Meyerson (no comments yet)
Here are some common situations we face, and possible causes and/or reactions: (read more...)

Ask the Professional (no comments yet)
Dear Etty: At which point in my child's life (he has Down syndrome) can I safely say (read more...)

And In My Humble Opinion by Sarah Sander (no comments yet)
I don't write as a professional, nor am I a special educator. (read more...)