Issue #3 - 1996

Articles in this issue


Rabbi Saul Klein by Rabbi Saul Klein
Dear Mrs. Sanders, Last Friday night, in Shul, I was sitting next to the father of a Down's Syndrome child...


Greeting From Miami Beach
Originally, our reason for taking this trip was a severe lingering cough that was racking my body for over two months. It was also a good opportunity to get away from it all. Yes, I am very honest.

To All Special Mothers by Rana Hershkowitz
Years ago, when my child was first diagnosed, I had a friend who ran a `shmiras haloshon` group and also had a special child.

Poetic License

A Special Specialty by Anon
A normal child is normal

Our Special Vitamin by Anon
It was such a bitter pill

Thank Hashem by Anon
When a child comprehends whatever you're saying

Unique, Yet Special by Anon
Some of you may stare

It Worked For Us

It Worked For Us
Moishey suffers from chronic sinusitis.