Issue #1 - Summer 95

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A Life Time of Challenge by Randy Yudenfriend Glaser, C.S.W.
Parents often feel lonely and isolated.

Editor's Message

Editorial by Sarah M. Sander
When the first spark of incentive was kindled in my mind

Editorial by Sarah M. Sander
It is with a blessing and a prayer on my lips


Is Raising A Down Syndrome Child a Chesed Shel Emes?
One of our most beautiful mitzvos is burying the dead, This mitzva is called a 'chesed shel emes' because it is a merit that can never be repaid by the recipient of this act.

Did You Know?

Recurrent Upper Respiratory Infections in Children
Individuals with Down syndrome have small facial bone structures and shallow or absent sinus cavities. They also have a small airway with a shallow high-arched palate.

Myths & Misconceptions - Answer to the Most Common Questions
What is Down's Syndrome? Down's Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder which causes delays in physical and intellectual development.