Issue #16 - 2013

Articles in this issue

Did You Know?

Anesthesia & Down Syndrome by National Down Syndrome Society
An explanation of the possible effects of anesthesia on people with Down Syndrome

Health Care Guidelines for Individuals with Down Syndrome by National Down Syndrome Society
Useful neonatal information

Editor's Message

Editorial by Sarah Sander
Message from the editor

It Worked For Us

It Worked For Us by Sarah Sander
A quick and easy way to relieve catarrh


Mailbag by F.C.
A new mother's letter

Mailbag by Z.R.
A letter of appreciation

Mailbag by Michael Reich

Mailbag by Leah Lando

Mailbag by Andrea Lieberman

Mailbag by Kalmen Weiss


Pleas For Help by T.F. & Leah Hurwitz
Two pleas for help


After the Simcha by Chaya Tavin
Sheva brochos with Binyomin Dovid

Larger Than Life – A Tribute to Rabbi Moshe Kuessous z’l by Esther Kuessous Delouya
A daughter remembers

Passed Over by Sarah Sander
What happens when the Special Child is skipped?

Ask the professional

Aquatic Therapy by Etty Terebelo
Useful information about aquatic therapy

Poetic License

Life is a roller coaster by Anon
A poem

A Line Across His Hand by Deborah L. Sardone
A line makes a difference

Out of Line by Anon
A poem

Up Syndrome

Up Syndrome - Issue 16 by Various
More humorous comments