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Issue 14 - Jun 2010

Articles in this issue

Yiddish and English, can she cope with both? by Rivky Schnitzler (no comments yet)
How well can a child with Down syndrome cope with speaking two languages? (read more...)

Yeshiva Bonim Lamokom Day Habilitation (YBLDH) by Mindy Schlafrig (no comments yet)
Interview with Rabbi Zev Horowitz, Program Director of Yeshiva Bonim Lamokom Day Habilitation (YBLDH) (read more...)

Weight gain problems (no comments yet)
How do you tackle a weight gain problem in a ten year-old girl with Down syndrome? (read more...)

The Ups of Teaching Children with Down Syndrome by Rifka Schonfeld, Director S.O.S (Strategies for Optimum Success) (no comments yet)
As recently as the 1970s in England, children with Down syndrome were dismissed as "uneducable" and banned from the school systems. Sue Buckley, a professor of psychology, writes about her experiences as an adoptive mother of a child with Down Syndrome in England (read more...)

The Ten Commandments For Parents of Children with Special Needs by Unknown (no comments yet)
Ten things all parents of children with special needs should remember (read more...)

Raising Yehuda by Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith (no comments yet)
A father's thoughts on his new baby boy (read more...)

Quips and quotes (no comments yet)
More funny quotes from our special kids (read more...)

Proper Language (3 comments)
Some notes of the use of the words "Down Syndrome" (read more...)

Professional grandmother (no comments yet)
Some thoughts from a "professional grandmother" (read more...)

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Common in Down Syndrome (no comments yet)
Studies by experts reveal that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is also suffered by individuals with Down syndrome. However, the problems resulting from untreated OSA may not be noticed as complications of the sleep apnea because they may overlap with the appearance of Down syndrome. (read more...)

My Special Uncle, Sheldon Goldstein by Elana Horwitz (Raanana, Israel) (no comments yet)
My uncle, Sheldon Goldstein (Shmuel Leib ben Nosson v'Esther), was niftar on 26 Cheshvan, at the age of 66. Uncle Sheldon had Down syndrome. In his lifetime, he managed to learn to care for himself, and care for others. He learned to travel, read and vote. He volunteered in the community and made many friends. We will always love him. (read more...)

Letter to the editor by Mindy Perlstein (no comments yet)
A letter from Mindy Perlstein (read more...)

Letter from an anguished mother (1 comment)
A mother's pain at the thought that her daughter may never get married (read more...)

Letter by Andrea Lieberman (no comments yet)
(read more...)

Letter by Leah H (no comments yet)
(read more...)

Letter (no comments yet)
(read more...)

Inclusion vs. Self-Contained, Why Does it Sound Like a Grudge Match? by Kim Orlando (no comments yet)
(read more...)

I would like to work with DS people in Eretz Yisroel by Gerald B. Leib (Gerry) (no comments yet)
(read more...)

Dermatologic Disorders in Down Syndrome (1 comment)
(read more...)

Ask the professional (1 comment)
High chairs for babies with Downs and how to cope with a new baby with Downs (read more...)

Advice for a first-time DS baby? (no comments yet)
(read more...)

A plea to the principle by Jodi (no comments yet)
A mother pleads the case for her daughter to be accepted in school (read more...)

A letter from Tova's mum by Chaya B (no comments yet)
(read more...)

A Jewish View of Disability by As told to Barbara Bensoussan by Michael Levy (no comments yet)
How does the Torah see disability, and is it an impairment? Michael Levy argues that it's not. (read more...)