Issue #13 - 2008

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General Articles

The honest truth... by Leah J. and Sarah Sander
The mother of a newly adopted child with Down Syndrome asks for advice

A Chronology of Emotions by Beverly Beckham
I Will Have to Apologize to Her Someday... a grandmother's mixed feelings about her special granddaughter

A Humorous Look at... Law and Disorders by Lori Miller Fox
A light-hearted view of some of the labels and names people give to special children

Ask The Professional by Etty Terebelo OTR
Questions asked to Etty Terebelo


Zeidy Gluck z’l by Sarah Sander
How does one write about a Tati/Zeidy whose first yahrtzeit is approaching? How do we stop the flow of tears and ease the crushing pain in our hearts? How does one gain comfort and solace by the beauty of the memories Zeidy Gluck created during his lifetime and especially so during his grandparenting years?


Thoughts by Chaya Tavin
I have a niggling question in the back of my mind. What if he isn’t one of these high functioning wonder DS kids? What if he doesn’t learn to play three instruments? What if he can’t be mainstreamed or hold down a regular job, or learn all of Tanach...

Hey Dads!!! Some Thoughts on Men and Grief by Ian John
Contrary to popular belief, it's OK for men to cry. Don't feel you're a failure as a Dad if you do.

Poetic License

When We Wondered...
Written by the mother of a Bar Mitzvah boy with Down syndrome and sent along with the simcha invitations

When We Wondered II by E.M. - an inspired uncle
A poem written by the uncle of a barmitzva boy with Down Syndrome

When We Wondered III - Special Nachas by T.M. - mother of the bar mitzva boy
A moving and inspiring poem by the mother of a bar mitzva boy with Down Syndrome

Thirty Moons' Mystery

IEPs According to Dr. Seuss

A Meaning Beyond by Dubbie Simon

Smiles of an Angel by Deborah French


Mothers Speak: Physicians Often Fall Short When Delivering a Down Syndrome Diagnosis
A survey of mothers in the January issue of Pediatrics found that physicians remain overwhelmingly negative in communicating a diagnosis of Down syndrome in newborn infants. Mothers offer ten specific recommendations for improvement.

Who Are You Calling Stupid? by Alexandra K
Thoughts on commonly used, if ill contemplated expressions

Did You Know?

Advocating for Your Child with Special Needs - Myths and Realities
The reality of advocating for your special needs child

Health Care Guidelines for Individuals with Down Syndrome
Elaboration of the recommendations made in the previous issue, as well as other information designed to promote optimal health care for individuals with Down Syndrome

Up Syndrome

Up Syndrome - Issue 13