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Issue 12 - 2004

Articles in this issue

What's In A Name? by Sarah Sander (no comments yet)
Moishey is our second child. (read more...)

They#ll take them by R.N.-Yerushalayim (1 comment)
If I were to know two years ago what lay in the future - I surely would not have believed it myself. (read more...)

Tehilla by Mrs. Elky Siegfried (no comments yet)
Our daughter Tehilla was born on December 1, 1993. (read more...)

Special Shimmy by Rechy Neiman - Age 12 (no comments yet)
One day a friend came over to me (read more...)

Special poetry - A Feeble Cry by Esti Levitansky Rokowsky (no comments yet)
A feeble cry shatters the still air (read more...)

My Children Have Learned by Miriam Rabinowitz (no comments yet)
When our son Shlomo was born, our other children were too young to understand the implications of being a sibling of a child with Down syndrome. (read more...)

Letter by Peri Fisher (no comments yet)
Dear Suri: Just got a look at your latest issue (read more...)

Let's Get Real by Sarah Sander (no comments yet)
When an ultrasound during my fifth month of pregnancy indicated that I was carrying a healthy baby girl, I was ecstatic. (read more...)

I Wonder Why by Sarah Sander (no comments yet)
I wonder why… Nobody would be so coarse To tell a feuding couple to divorce. (read more...)

Different Situations by Hindy Feldman (no comments yet)
Dear Sarah Sander: I enjoyed your latest magazine very much, especially the picture of your Bar Mitzvah son. (read more...)

Chicken Pox Are Normal by Chaya Tavin (no comments yet)
It wasn't much of a surprise. His older brother had gotten over his chicken pox the week before. (read more...)

A Keshet Moment...An Electrifying Moment by Todd Miller (no comments yet)
The following is an e-mail sent to Flora Abramson (read more...)

A Home - My Home by Shevy Spitz (no comments yet)
A home is a house (read more...)