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Unique, Yet Special (no comments yet)
Some of you may stare (read more...)

The Remedy (no comments yet)
DANGER! Moishey was in bed, ready for a good's night sleep, (read more...)

The Pain of Rejection (no comments yet)
A sleepless night, my eyes are sore (read more...)

Thank Hashem (no comments yet)
When a child comprehends whatever you're saying (read more...)

Special Education Alert (no comments yet)
In June 1996, a federal appeals court issued a major decision that could have important ramifications for special education services in yeshivas. (read more...)

Rabbi Saul Klein (no comments yet)
Dear Mrs. Sanders, Last Friday night, in Shul, I was sitting next to the father (read more...)

Purim Poem (no comments yet)
Purim is a time of joyous commemoration, (read more...)

Poem (no comments yet)
A multitude of flowers grew in the earth's garden (read more...)

Our Special Vitamin (no comments yet)
It was such a bitter pill (read more...)

On the Lighter Side (no comments yet)
Purim Poem (read more...)

Mailbox by Diary of Forty-Three Years of Prayer (no comments yet)
Dear Sarah Sander (read more...)

Magic Moment Weekend Retreat by Todd Miller (no comments yet)
Dear Editor (read more...)

Light & Sound Therapy (no comments yet)
Your child has been diagnosed as severely brain damaged. (read more...)

Letter 4 by Anonymous (no comments yet)
Dear Mrs. Sander: I have a brother who has Down syndrome (read more...)

Letter 3 by Raizy Spitzer (no comments yet)
Dearest Surika: Ever since you began publishing your famous magazine (read more...)

Letter 1 by Sara Devora Chrysler (no comments yet)
Dear Sarah amush: Thank you for your uniquely special publication (read more...)

Inclusion: Still Smouldering by Linda Wagschal (no comments yet)
Dear Sarah (read more...)

Inclusion by Sarah Sander (no comments yet)
I recently met a long-time acquaintance from our circle of “Down syndrome friends.” (read more...)

Inclusion by Ruth Plotnick (no comments yet)
n order to realistically discuss the pros and cons of total inclusion, several points must be considered. (read more...)

Encounter on the B-11 by Eva Rosman (no comments yet)
It should have been an ordinary bus ride on an ordinary day. (read more...)

A Special Specialty (no comments yet)
A normal child is normal (read more...)