A multitude of flowers grew in the earth's garden
With pride and with love did the gardener tend to their care.
He nourished each and every one according to its needs,
And with each passing day they blossomed beyond compare.

But there among the flowers stood a group that seemed apart,
And as the gardener noticed them it touched his gentle heart.
Suddenly his eyes brightened as he lifted them towards Hashem
He understood they were special-he must take extra care of them.

And so my little one, as I hold you close to my chest,
I will always love you and try to do what's best.
You may look somewhat different, your progress may be slow,
But in the eyes of Hashem your Neshama will grow.

The road ahead will not be steady,
Not for me and not for you.
But as we go forth upon our journey,
friend May we also call upon you.

This article first appeared in issue #8 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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