Smiles of an Angel

But it must not be,
I cannot see what I see,
But I know that I do.

A petrifying sensation
A stomach churn..
That day was a daze
My head in a daze of thought and question.

Am I right?
Could it possibly be?
I simply cannot see what I see,
But I know, deep down in my heart, that I do.

"Yes, I'm sorry" they say,
"We believe she is what you think"
My daughter, Down syndrome?
In a state of shock, I'm on the brink as the tears roll down my cheeks I think..
No, it mustn't be..
Now I know, that really
I did, and could always see.

The first few weeks
Passed by in a freeze
A time I won't ever forget…for as long as I live.

Many months it took,
To go back to that time
Moments to repeat again in my mind.
The tears come again and the churn sets in…
But gradually it passes, quicker... each time, I recollect
Those frozen moments of mine.

And now I look at the daughter I have,
The smiler, the giggler,
The special, unique soul.

I find myself saying "Hashem thanks to you"
I have a bracha, a girl to who
I look to when I'm sad and blue.

A girl who looks back deep into my eyes,
An angel I feel talks through her and sighs,
"Its ok Mummy to feel sad and glum,
But you'll see I'm your blessing for years to come
So smile with me", she giggles whilst I cry

I think to myself, how lucky am I?

This article first appeared in issue #13 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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