A Meaning Beyond

When they told us "Your child has Down Syndrome"
They really meant to say
A whole new special world
Has opened for you today.

When they told us "His features show it too, no doubt"
They really should have said
His pure and adorable expression.
Will instantly win over your heart.

When they told us "He will need therapy because he is "slow""
They did not mention
The pride we would know
Each time he overcame a milestone.

When they told us "It may be hard for others to accept him"
They just could not fathom
What a treasure he would become
To all of those around him.

When they told us "It may be hard to love him"
They did not foresee
How much love we would have for him
And how attached we would be.

When they told us "He will be a big challenge for you"
They did not realize
The hurdles we'd have now and then
Would bring us even closer to Hashem.

When they told us "Your lives will be changed forever"
They really meant to let us know
We would have many opportunities
To become better and to grow.

And then, after his heart stopped, and they told us "He's gone"
We knew the truth in our hearts.
We knew that the love we had for him,
The lessons we learned through him,
And the memories we have of him,
Will never be gone-

For they will forever live on.

This article first appeared in issue #13 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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