Thirty Moons' Mystery

When I e-mailed her
To wish her a happy fortieth birthday
She didn't say a word.

And when told that her new baby had
Down Syndrome
I felt shocked and sad
Not because she wouldn't accept him
But because I knew she would.
She would love him consumedly
And build him devotedly
And run herself down
And she would be less.

Thirty moons later
I prepared for her visit
By warning myself
That she would look older
And she would look strained
Because she was older
And she was strained
And I wouldn't say a word
Because how could I tell her that I saw
She was less?

But what a surprise!
She was just beautiful, so beautiful
That I couldn't say a word
Because it made no sense
Until I thought
That maybe in caring for her special baby
She learned to care for herself
In special ways

Or maybe
Welcoming Down Syndrome into her life
Is just what her soul needs
And that fulfillment expresses itself
In her manner and in her face

A woman is beautiful
When she is loving
And devoted
And responsible
And wise

She was always this way but now
She is more

This article first appeared in issue #13 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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