When We Wondered III - Special Nachas

Everyone was shocked and worried
Everyone was crying and davening
Everyone was wondering and hoping
Everyone was determined to be encouraging and supportive.

Thirteen years later
Everyone came to celebrate a milestone,
Not one,
But many, many milestones of a huge list,
An endless list,
Which is far from finished.


Everyone came to look back,
To see how far he came.
They stayed focused,
On how much he already accomplished.

Everyone came to share in the simchas
And in the accomplishments of someone who worked very heard,
For things, most of us take for granted,
Never giving up,
Always trying to achieve more.

Everyone came to stand up,
For this young man,
Who is still struggling,
With very hard issues
Yet manages to be happy - despite his trials.

Everyone came to appreciate
How much they could learn
From this special "neshama"
Who taught them to express love
In so many ways.

Everyone came to introspect
And see how they can improve
And learn to be more real
To be themselves
With an expert teacher.

Everyone came to share their emotions
And share 'chizuk'
About their amazement
To give gratitude to Hashem
That such a 'nisayon'
Could bring so much growth
And touch so many lives.

Everyone shared the attitude of appreciation
As they reminisced about the struggles and joys
And of 'bitachon'
As they looked into the future.

Everyone felt so much part of his simcha
As everyone invested so much
To help him and his family
Throughout all these years.

It was a very unique and special Bar Mitzvah
Celebrating thirteen years
Of giving, sharing and caring
And therefore learning, appreciating and growing.

It was a simcha
Of how a family
Helps, accepts and supports one another
And in the end
They ALL rejoice from the nachas
That only acceptance and a positive attitude could bring.

This article first appeared in issue #13 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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