When We Wondered II

A great and wise king had 2 sons, both of whom he loved very dearly
When the time came for the older prince to leave the palace, and start a life on his own,
The King let him take with him all that he desired. He took…

Palaces of gold, and the servants to run them.
Gardens of the most beautiful flowers,
And lands with the most fruitful trees.

But the son was most miserable, and always depressed.

He had all of everything, but he had worked for nothing.
He possessed all of creation, but had never created.
He owned all of the products of others, but had no products to truly call his own.

When the king bade farewell to his younger son, he vowed not to err this time,
And did not  ask the son what he desired. Instead…

He gave him a very rich, but empty field, and buckets of the finest of seeds.
The nicest, and most expensive of bricks, and the finest tools available.
And the King's most trusted friend to stand always at his son's side,
To help him when times became too difficult.

He begged his son, do not be jealous, for the gifts that I have given you are greater than those
I gave to your brother, for along with them I have given you the opportunity for true happiness…

Work hard and plant,
Toil and build,
Sweat and Strive to turn what I have given you into what your heart desires.

The products of your struggle may bring you the exact same things that your brother has…
But you will have a much greater appreciation for them, and you will always enjoy them with true happiness…

Hazorim Bedimah B'rinah Yiktzori

You,  more than all of us, recognized and accepted that what Our King gave you  was…
The most beautiful of raw materials,
The most precious of seeds,
The richest of soil…

It may not have been given in the manner that you would have asked for,
But it was given to you with the love of a father to a son…

You sweated, you worked, you toiled and you built.

13 years later…He rejoices as He watches you…
as you reap, with appreciation and joy, the fruits of your labor.

Mazel Tov…

This article first appeared in issue #13 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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