Advice for a first-time DS baby?

Dear Mrs. Sander,

I am the "big sister" of a pregnant first-time mom-to-be who just found out her baby has Down syndrome. She totally relies on me for information and chizuk, and I promised her to be of utmost help. Her first reaction was that she definitely wants to keep the child and do the utmost possible with this special child that Hashem entrusted her with. I did encourage her, and promised to be of help and "hook her up with the right people". After the initial shock and discussing it with her husband and extended family, doubts on how she could handle having more children started creeping into her mind. I suggested that this is not a decision that needs to be made within a few days but rather that she reads up and discuss it with other mothers and first-time moms.

Will you please contact me so that we can discuss how we can help her and get a few of your magazines?

With great appreciation,

Undisclosed By Editor

Editor’s Note: This baby has since been born and parents and child are doing very well.

This article first appeared in issue #14 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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