A Letter from Rabbi Yaakov Perlow Novominsker Rav

It is a sign of a mature Torah community that parents of handicapped or ‘special' children are able to confront their challenge with an inspired outlook of chesed and acceptance. Moreover, many of these families, parents, and siblings alike, have become spiritually uplifted and educationally enriched by the tasks involved in the nurture and growth of special children.

The new magazine, Down Syndrome Amongst Us, that has come to my attention is a vivid expression of the Torah scope of chinuch amidst nisoyon, and middos tovos at their best. It will certainly be a source of great chizuk not only to the affected families but to all those who share in the noble mission of extending help to others.

Techezakna Yedeichem
Rabbi Yaakov Perlow
Novominsker Rav

This article first appeared in issue #2 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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