Up Syndrome - Issue 16

2 + 2 = ?

Binyomin Dovid has been a tad antsy of late - testing limits in areas he has already learned the rules. Nu - I guess we can call it Spring fever. Yesterday I picked him up from the Gymboree at the end of the session, and saw as I came in that instead of putting on his shoes as he usually does, he was sitting in the "ball pool". Right away I figured, ok, he is on strike, won't come out - the volunteers are waiting for me to get him up and out. I put a smile on my face and started thinking what would be the best approach to get him out of his "stuck" place. To my pleasant surprise, the staff told me that he was cleaning up. As I got closer I saw that indeed, he was leaning over the edge and collecting all of the balls that had fallen out. He looked at me proudly and told me what he was doing. He was sweating quite a bit, a fact on which I commented. His response ?? ?????? ????? ?? ?? ??????

“Yes, and my sweat atones for all of my sins.”

In case you are wondering where in the world THAT came from- here it is: on his tape about Pesach, "Rebbe Michoel" tells the children he was baking matzos, and sweating quite a bit, but that the sweating one does while baking matzos atones for one’s sins.

Binyomin Dovid did an equation: sweating during a mitzva = atonement.

Maybe I should sweat some more.......


It’s been a real struggle to get Moishey out of the house in the morning, especially when he decides to go back to his room and choose CDs, players and various listening paraphernalia when his bus is already waiting outside. One evening I had a serious talk with him and explained how important it was to prepare everything the night before. He listened, absorbed, agreed and promised to conform. The next morning, however, after the busdriver had already called to say that he was waiting outside, Moishey made a beeline to his room and once again went back to his old ways. I was seething! I followed him and took everything away and got him out the door. While he was on the bus he sent the following text to his father (which his father, of course, immediately forwarded to me): ‘Totty, are you aware that Mommy is going on my ‘narvan’ (nerves) telling me to leave the CD player and CDs home and what I need from you is to take care of this situation with Mommy please.’

It’s Only Math…

Moishey brought home an exciting announcement from yeshiva – his class completed a math course that included 100 problems involving telling time, money and calculations. To mark this occasion they were having a grand party the next day. The teacher also sent home a questionnaire that he had given the students, about this milestone, and one question was as follows: How do you think we should celebrate the 100th problem solving? Moishey wrote: With a party, a siyum (but no kaddish).

Blintzes Won’t Quite Cut It…

With flashy advertisements of all sorts of milchig goodies leading up to the days of Shavuos, my husband asked Moishey, ‘So Moishey, what are you most excited about for Shavuous?’ Moishey’s eyes shone as he answered, “For the Ahavah Rabah by Shachris in shul.”

Ya’ Can Never Be Too Early

One morning Dovid was up and dressed really early. My husband wanted to leave to vasiken, but was afraid to leave him home “alone” with everyone else sleeping. He decided to risk taking him along. Dovid davened beautifully, not disturbing anyone.

On the way home they met a neighbor who was on his way to the next minyan. Dovid told him good morning and then said “nigmar” showing with his hands – all finished – you’re too late for shul!

Following Halacha to a T

Dovid learns Hilchos Shabbos in school. One week he learned milachas Gozez. He learned that on Shabbos you can not cut nails or hair. A few days later I saw him holding a pair of scissors a little too close to his younger sister’s head. I asked him what he was doing and he said “lo Shabbos” (it’s okay because it’s not Shabbos)!


Dovid wanted a mitzvah note for school, which my husband wrote for him. Dovid then started to “read” the note. He read “Dovid hachamud…” (Dovid, the cutie…)!


Tonight BD was getting ready for bed. 

Because his bus comes so early, he showers at night and then gets into fresh clothes. In the morning he only has to put on socks and shoes.

He chooses his own clothes, and usually does a decent job. Today I saw he was wearing a white polo shirt. I bought it because there are several times during the school year when they dress in blue and white and it isn't always a good idea to send him in Shabbos clothes. Well, he likes that shirt and comes up with all kinds of terutzim (excuses) to wear it. So today he came out of his room to tell me he was ready and there he was in his white polo shirt. I asked him if there was a special occasion and he said, “Yes, Motzei Shabbos is Chanukah.” So I said, “That is true, and then you will be in Shabbos clothes and we will light the menorah, but you do not need to wear this shirt to school tomorrow.” So he tried a new pshat. "I want to publicize the miracle."

Of course I laughed and now he keeps saying it....nu

The Best Band-Aid

The nurse was extending a band-aid to Moishey after his blood test, saying, “Here; this will make it feel better.” Moishey scoffed at her and said, “Don’t worry. My Father in Heaven will take care of me.”

A Two-Ring….

My out-of-town sister popped in for a visit and my excitement and joy were tremendous. We got into a lively chat, interrupted by intermittent raucous laughter. Moishey was in his room and sent my husband the following text: The circus has already started.

Proper Lingo

I was on the phone with a friend, speaking English. I mentioned a chasuna. BD interrupted, and in Hebrew told me, "No, you have to say it like Grandma taught me - it is called a WEDDING".

This article first appeared in issue #16 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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