Dear Sarah:

I was so happy to receive Issue #15 of the DSAU magazine. You may remember me from all my letters to you when my daughter, Devorah Gila, who has Down syndrome, was growing up. She was featured on the back of the magazine when she was 16 years old, in an ‘Up Syndrome’, and later you printed her hand-written letter of encouragement that she wrote to new parents.

Devorah is now working full time in the Yachad office in the city and commuting on an express bus from Brooklyn by herself!  She also has many friends and keeps very busy. Devorah is so happy and proud.  At the Shabbos table she often says a D’var Torah on the Parsha and she davens with tremendous kavanah. She is a true Bas Torah and is such a source of joy and Yiddisha nachas to us and to everyone who knows her. We would never have dared to believe that it would all turn out so well. It's more than we could have hoped for 28 years ago.

I really wish that parents of younger children with Down syndrome who are despairing of the future would meet someone like Devorah. It surely would have helped me. If you know anyone who could use such encouragement, please let me know.

Please feel free to print this picture of Devorah in your magazine (with her name), which I will be looking forward to reading…

Andrea Lieberman

This article first appeared in issue #16 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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