Ezra Turns One

When you were born, we were so very shocked
The world we knew shook, trembled and rocked
The worry, the tears, trying to understand
How would we navigate this uncharted land

Why would Hashem have chosen us?
To be put to this test, to be challenged thus
My mind reels with questions, feelings and thoughts
In what merit was this decree brought

Time has been passing, your smile is so sweet
Every time you flash it, my heart skips a beat
Appointments, assessments, therapies and more
Patiently working with you down on the floor

And now, you are turning one — oh my
How the time really has flown by
You can clap your hands and roll over with ease
You’re even starting to rock a little up on your knees

We laugh and we cheer with each passing day
As we watch you get bigger and stronger in every way
Your second year has begun, no one knows what will be
But with Hashem’s help, we will manage, just wait and see.

Happy Birthday Ezra, we love you so much,
You are teaching us about life, our hearts you do touch
Your special neshamah has reached near and far
Thank you for being who you are

This article first appeared in issue #15 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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