My Brother, The Metaphor

Moishey is pizza
He is loved by all
And has tons of flavor and spice
You just want to enjoy all of him for yourself.

Moishey is a yo-yo
He has his ups and “downs”
When he’s down he stays down
Only momentarily
It’s not hard to get him back up again!

Moishey is the stock market
He buzzes with activity
Some days he makes gains, others losses
He is unpredictable.

Moishey is a politician
He loves important people
He’s all ears on the news
And very often makes empty promises.

And I know
That even if Moishey is a yo-yo, politician and the stock market
He is pizza more than anything else
Though at times painfully sharp, we love him
Despite his challenges,
His presence has added a delightful dimension to our family.

This article first appeared in issue #15 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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