On the Lighter Side

Purim is a time of joyous commemoration,
But we get to enjoy an extra occasion.
For on this day our son was born,
He's turning one this very morn.

Light appears in many guises,
At times it takes on mysterious disguises.
It can hide behind a cloud if you truly believe it,
It can sparkle from within if you'll only perceive it.

The light of our lives Eliezer has become,
Along with his siblings five.
They delight and enlighten us in countless ways,
They keep our souls alive.

So, in our celebration we invite you to partake,
As we light the first candle on our son's birthday cake.
And pause a moment to ponder “Venahapach Hu”
Sometimes “What's Down Is Up” is really true!!!

This poem was written by Eliezer's Mommy in celebration of his first birthday, and was enclosed in every Shalach Monos on Purim Day. Eliezer is a delightful little boy who has Down syndrome.

This article first appeared in issue #5 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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