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Dear Editor:
Subject: “We've Joined the Family”

If you read this letter before Yom Tov....go home, and have a Kosher Pesach. If it is Chol Hamoed, thanks for being so dedicated, and go home. If it is after Pesach, thank G-d, and who wants to be home. If you work out of your home...sorry, enjoy every minute of it. All humor aside, and that's all I've got to work with, having been Pesach'dig for 15 days before the ‘Seder', my wife had our seventh planned C-section on April 8th. G-d, in His infinite wisdom, has sent us a precious Down's ‘maydela'. Her name is Shira Devorah Chaya. She is still in NICU at St. Joe's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We believe with the help of the Almighty, that she may be home in three days. She has to learn to breathe without help, otherwise, Baruch Hashem, she is ready to be “home”. Her siblings are also ready for the arrival. Her big brother is home from Yeshiva (a freshman at the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study [W.I.T.S]) and all others are on vacation, as well. I'm writing you this essay, which was only going to be a short note, to request the first three volumes (copies) of your publication, “Down Syndrome Amongst Us”. We were sent a copy (obviously not by a reading subscriber, as you specifically asked people NOT to send a copy but to BUY a copy to increase circulation) to review. Upon seeing it we knew we needed the first editions as well, to get up to speed quickly. In addition to being blessed with this beautiful child, G-d sent me a mate 18 years ago who had just finished her ‘masters' in Emotionally Disturbed and Learning Disabled children. Terry (my wife) went on to pick up her early childhood certification for infant stimulation. Needless to say, any literature for the reading will be a welcome asset. It makes it even more welcome if the ‘baal teshuva' in us gets our healthy dose of ‘religiosity' in what we are doing with our lives. Thanks in advance for what you are doing and may the Almighty bless the work of your hands and continue to bless the deeds of your heart.

Todd Miller
Miller's Carpet Company
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This article first appeared in issue #5 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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