Unique, Yet Special

Some of you may stare

Others think we're queer

The compassionate shed a tear

To them, we're really dear.

Many don't care

The problem isn't their's

We're too much to bear.

…But we are here….

And yes, we're special.

Special and unique in every given way

Like a bittersweet fusion.

We cannot articulate

We may create illusions.

If you were to devote yourself

To see us for what we are

You will find depth beyond the surface

And that is just the start!

We tend to be burdensome

Totally helpless too

And in cases like these

Rely only on you.

But slowly as we reveal

Our character's sweeter part

You might just come to love us

And understand us; heart to heart.

Let not your heart be sore

For we are of a happy breed

And our's is a soul so pure

Which makes us special indeed!!

This article first appeared in issue #3 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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