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Election Lights:
Morah Rosenblatt was telling the girls about the elections. She explained that two people are running. "Oh, yeah," one girl exclaimed, "I saw them running on Bedford Avenue on Sunday!" (she was referring to the annual NYC marathon)

Brighter Light: (Elections)
When our special class was told about the two parties, a girl piped up, "Boy, they must be eating lots of nosh!"

Elections Continued...Campaign Expenses...
One special student was heard exclaiming over and over, "There's being collections, there's being collections!"

The Fat in the Hat
We had a special Shabbos treat: hat-shaped pastries with rich caramel and toffee filling. They were about a million calories each. On Sunday evening, after I had started the usual Sunday morning diet, I said to Moishey, "Moishey, there are still two hats in the refrigerator and I have a sweet tooth and I am craving one terribly, but I started a diet this morning and I am in agony!" To which Moishey's eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "I have a great idea! Put the hat on your head!"

The Theme of the Party
My husband and I were invited to a surprise anniversary party at our daughter's home. Moishey, the ever-self-proclaimed-master-of-ceremonies made a nice short speech in which he wished us all the best and then he called upon his ever-speaker-shy father to make a speech. My husband said to him, "Moishey, this is a surprise and I am not prepared to speak. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to talk about." Moishey scoffed, "You don't know what to talk about?! What do you mean? Talk about your marriage!"

We were packing home from the country and I asked Moishey to take one of the lightweight boxes down to our loading van. He lifted the box begrudgingly and started down the stairs, all the while muttering, "Oy, this bitter galus..."

20/20 Vision
My 9-year-old daughter (with DS) just got eye-glasses. When my married daughter saw her with them for the first time, she exclaimed, "You have glasses! You look gorgeous! Can you see better with them?"
"Yes", Roizy solemnly answered, nodding.
"Really? So what do I look like?" her sister asked.
"Like a Downy", was the instant reply!

Kollel Life
Moishey went to take some stuff over to his married sister. While there, she offered him some sweet nosh. Moishey declined and asked if she perhaps had some 'mezonos' goodies. Leah pulled some teeny-bits cookies out of her cabinet and offered him those. Again he refused and asked for some 'rugelach', to which Leah responded that she has none. Moishey looked at her sadly and said, "Oy, you are so poor!"

Life's a' Flyin' By
Quote from Moishey: "The calendar is so 'geshikt' (efficient, as in fast-moving). The weeks are moving along so quickly."

As Moishey reached for a second helping of chocolate, my husband reminded him that it wasn't good for his facial skin. Moishey said nonchalantly, "It's okay; I'll just wash my face with Neutrogena and everything will be alright."

Sister's/Proofreader's Comment to Above:
"Remember Moishey with Super snacks in one hand, Zantac in the other?"

Blame Game
I patted Moishey on his rounded belly and winked. Moishey got the message, smirked and said, "It's the cakes' fault."

'Two' Much of a Good Thing
It was Shabbos morning and Moishey was checking out the breakfast table. He asked what the kids ate at earlier shift. I told him that some ate kokosh cake and some ate marble cake. I then asked him what he wants. He said, "I'll have 'lechem mishna'.

This article first appeared in issue #14 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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