Weight gain problems

Dear Sarah,

Hope you are well, my dear. I am sure you are busy.

How are all the kinderlach - especially Moishey?

B’H we are well.  My older daughter, Orah, has just finished seminary in Israel and G-d willing will be starting at Touro College in New York, studying speech therapy.

Tikvah (with DS) is 10 years old - mainstreamed in grade 5 at Beis Yaakov here in Montreal.  It is B’H going very well. Her strengths are in chumash, halachos - in fact all the kodesh subjects. She is coping at the average class level in English, struggling with math, and French she is doing orally only.

My big issue with her is weight gain.  I know it is a common problem in these children, but Tikvah has an insatiable appetite and will eat until the food is taken away.  In addition to the challenge of the weight gain, it is the gashmiusdika thing of her eating and eating and eating - so awful for her and her friends, that bothers me so much.

Do you have any recommendations on this subject?  I prefer to use natural remedies with my family but I am so desperate that I would even consider conventional medicine if it has a track record of good results.

I would so appreciate your opinion.

Much love to you all.

Pam Chasen
Montreal, Canada (formerly of South Africa)

This article first appeared in issue #14 of Down Syndrome Amongst Us

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